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I saw a picture and was hit by the truth of the words, so I decide to share it and add my own view towards it..

The text said" Everybody come with luggage. Find someone to help you unpack"

In my own life and relationship with others I uploaded a lot of emotional and physical luggage and yet I still do upload it every single day. And I suppose this will never change. I fight my own way true this live sometimes with a little help but mostly just with me myself and I. But sometimes you meet people and think you found the one, who is truly willing to help you unpack your luggage. You decide to follow this instinct and for a whole it seems to be truth. But every time I experience it's not what I hoped to find after all.

Ans yes, I realize I am not exactly the winning golden ticket for everyone , not as a friend and not in a relationship. Because I also make mistakes and take wrong tracks myself. And I am also aware of the fact that sometimes I am to afraid for what might happen in the future. So I decide to turn down things or people, or don't want to be involved in some situations or with certain people because of that fear. Whilst looking back afterwards.... maybe they (or it) would actually be the good things to have chosen for. But unfortunately mostly I realize that when it's to late.

That's why, although I am almost really completely broken by some people and situations in this life. I don't like to blame others. And always will try to remember the good things above the rest. Because its me myself who made that wrong choice to trust or welcome the wrong people, or situations and step into there. So I am also the one who needs to handle the results or outcomes from those decisions. No matter how harmful and painful those can be sometimes.

Life learned me no to aim for the best anymore, but simply accept what is given to me. And try to manage with that. Those who wants to walk beside me are welcome. And those who decide to follow another track I will let go. I accept and respect their desicion and I will try to give the positive memories of them a safe place in my heart forever.

I still try to welcome every new day, to stay optimistic and go on, to be as open and welcoming and trustful like I was before. I refuse to change those things, just because of my less nice experiences. And yes sometimes it's hard, but I will go on as long as I can..


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